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Celebs, Books & Blooms

You just never know what awaits you each week!

As a Floral Artist I design everything from the simple Bouitneeer and corsage  presented nervously for a young mans first dance to lavish weddings and parties. Some of my favorite designs are for Galleries and Book signings.

Our first week of February was filled with excitment and star sightings. And I was able to present a couple very personal floral tributes to two very different personalities .

If you would like to read the entire article you can go to my article at www.ubloom.com titled “A Novel Approach”

I love to read almost as much as I love flowers!

My favorite author is Anne Rice. She has written over 30 books

some of her titles include The Interview With A Vampire, Queen of the Damned ( both made into major movies) , the Witching Hour, Cry to Heaven, Pandora and recently her books on the Life of Christ and her latest Angel Time, Songs of the Seraphim.  This latest novel is a great story of an unlikely hero, a Hitman named Toby O’Dare and His Angel Malachai who offers him redemption, with a twist! I’m sure that it will become another classic.

Getting to meet my favorite Author and bring her a personal design was a dream come true and I will cherish this memory forever.

On the fun and rock & roll side of life, I had the experience of attending the Biggest book signing of the year at B&N in Huntington Beach and met the Prince of Darkness himself! Yes!! OZZY Osbourne.

To say the crowd was enthusiatic would be an understatement. 2000 people waiting in a space meant for a couple hundred. BUT in their favor everyone was pretty well behaved.( read the article for all the fun details)

Ozzy was gracious and even answered my question as he signed my book.

What did I ask?? Whats your favorite flower? His answer was a bit unexpected. It was Gardenias! Quite elegant!!

It makes you wonder who you may meet in your daily travels.

Remember to greet each day with anticipation and stop and smell the flowers.