Trend Watch 2010

As unique as each of us are. We look to fashion and color forcasts for what will be Hot & Hip in the coming year.

The Trends that will be available for the coming season for special event items and themes. A Pop of color or a splash of exotic textures used in unexpected ways will set your decor apart.

Eco & Green is still at the forefront, with fabulous  decor fabrics of Bamboo and even recycled Soda Bottles with the feel of fine silk!

Colors are being drawn from earthy elements. The refreshing tones of true rich Turquoise and muted pewter and sterling will be big.

 Dusty tones in amethyst, Plum and vintage pinks will be strong.

Complimentary color wheel tones of Coral and Lilac.

Red in vintage shades and romantic Tea stained Ivories are returning to the forefront.

Steampunk with its Jules Verne edge will surface. Tim Burtonesque “Alice” Inspired colors and textures for reception themes.

Garden roses, Calla and Dahlias will be hot summer favorites.Organic garden veggies and herbal touches will be surprise additions to wedding bouquets and decor.

More textures and layers of design will be seen.

A return to Edwardian Elegance with lace and pleated edges.Lower multi piece centerpieces with a tablescape approach of found items and mini antique ribbons and lace. fruit & floral bowls.

Of course you can always start your own tasteful trends.Inspirations are all around you. from a scene in a great Novel to your favorite bistro.

If it moves you and intrigues the senses, you are on the right track.

Here is to a very creative 2010!


Lifeline- saving Mother Earth- one person at a time

Recently I was pleased to hear from the Artists at LifelineTV

their quest is to meet and document people who are trying to help the environment in little and big ways , with personal choices, and life changing projects.

I was so impressed by this project that I responded to them only to find myself featured on their amazing Blog!

I hope that you will take a moment and visit their site to see the adventures they are experiencing, and become inspired to have a few of your own.

The Lifeline Blog

The Essence of Autumn

I love the fall season with its lush color and textures.

Some of the most amazing weddings and events I have designed  have been in Autumn. Many have won awards and have been featured in Magazines.

Brides who love color will love the many combinations of seasonal details. From  firey oranges and reds, to rich tawny gold and antique rose shades. There are early harvest shades with the beauty of green leaves  turning to soft yellow to vibrant burgundy. Fruit and seeds, wheat and fall berries and of course pumpkins and branches.

Although the feel of fall in So. California is not the same as our east coast friends. I love to recreate the experience for my west coast clients.

This can be achieved by “setting” the area with eye catching  details and scents that bring memories of home, family and season. Bowls of cinnamon infused leaves and pods set amid amber glass candle holders that emit an inviting  warmth.  A large rustic urn filled with Fall football mums, pepper berries and chines lantern plant.

Then the Gothic touches that come with the Month of October. Deep purples and reds with calla, Black sweet Potato vine  and amaranthus add drama.

Whimsy can be had in the colors of candy corn and lime with black & white.

Anything goes for the Halloween bride, from a masquerade formal  reception right out of Phantom to an all out Vampire and Monster mash .

As with any fall event, send out your save the dates early, as this is the start of party season and who doesnt love a good party!!

Maui Magic

Aloha Flower Folks!antheriums

So what does a floral designer do on her vacation? 

She searches for a paradise of flowers and other artists to visit.

I usually spend at least 2 weeks on Kauai, But Alan, my Hubby wanted to return to Maui for some diving and visits with 1








turtle & friend

We arrived on Maui to wonderful late summer weather with cooling trade winds.  Staying In the Kahana area in a beach front Condo was a plus, close enough to walk to many sites with shopping and galleries nearby.

The condo was decorated in beautiful Japanese Shoji screens and a bamboo canopy bed, that was lovely to see, but hellishly hard, LOL. Making napping on the sand with a good book a delight.

I met some wonderful artists and designers as I visited the towns around the island. look for an article or two soon at UBloom with photo gallery images.

In the mean time, here are some of my faves from the trip.Rissi at Lahaina Luau

Rissi, Our Hostess with the mostest at the Old Lahiana Luau,







 Jack the Dog & Big Blue the Cat from Anuheua Flowers in Makawao,(farm owners Judy & Bill Merten were a deligBig Blue in Judy Mertens Studioh

 t) ,Official Farm greeter at the Anuhea Protea farm


the carved art and antiques,at the Maui Swap meet,

sumo 1









And spotting the fact that due to economic factors,  even Buddha was for sale in Lahaina! Karma for sale                                                                                                      

Lots of fond memories, and new friendships  to cherish.

And now back to work in my studio with wonderful fall weddings and parties to plan. I look forward to the winter holidays ahead, and welcome your calls for party and holiday house decor .

As they say in Hawaii- Mahalo ( Thank You!) for a fun season!dreadlock surfer


The Summer – A Creative Season

Welcome to my latest Blog!

We have had a fun and creative summer season at the studio.

Wonderful and creative clients allowing us to create the perfect events. From a Beautiful early summer Italian wedding at the Lake Of  Dreams in Temecula Wine Country,  a Pacific Garden wedding in Laguna at the Aliso Creek Inn, A crisp modern wedding in lime and sunny yellow set at the Summit House in Fullerton and one of the Most Romantic weddings and receptions with a Vintage feel at Rancho Los Lomas.

In between the weddings we have created theme events from a Newport Coast Japanese Samurai Party to a pretty in shocking pink Baby shower with our fun “Diaper cake” centerpiece.

I love meeting with my clients to get inside their head for the best of their visions on each life event.

I also have the pleasure of being the Special Event Expert at  , and with that in mind I have been meeting many interesting fellow creative artists, floral designers to hear the latest cutting edge ideas in technology and special event products and design concepts, which I will be sharing with all of you.

A special Thank You to  for the beautiful Photos of Ashley & Jeff’s vintage wedding .

Stay tuned for a fabulous fall of amazing  events and weddings for more inspirations.