Not ALL Florists are created equal!! A cautionary tale for Brides.

cropped-cherub-2-colorized.jpgSo you have said YES, and are about to start on the road to wedding planning bliss. A Huge part of your wedding day will be the decor and flowers. And many brides are reluctant to enter into the world of flowers or may not know the difference between a flower shop and a wedding floral designer , an in house venue offer and a hobbyist. We wedding designers and pro florist share Horror stories among our peers and sometimes the flowers and stories are so bad that you have to warn the public! Here are two “incidents”that happened this wedding season in the UK. A bride was given a recommendation from her caterer for a low cost florist  , and thinking he must know their work, she called. “Wow “she thought, “I can get all these flowers and save so much!!” The “florist” did not have an office nor home based studio , or a shop, and met the bride at a coffee shop to get the brides details. The bride was surprised that this so called designer did not bring a laptop or portfolio of their work, but only took a few notes. The red flags were flying by the end of the meeting. So the Smart bride asked to see a sample of an orchid bouquet and was willing to pay for that sample. a week later,( see photos) This is what was presented to her as a Large orchid Bouquet!!! It was pulled out of  the so called designers hand bag no less!  Truly a mess ! This bride saved herself from a major disaster , took this low cost mess to a great designer in her town ,and tearfully shared her tale. The Real designer “educated ” the bride to what things cost and what to expect , and to NOT get lulled into a false sense of confidence based on cost  and in house venue referral only! We have all heard of the DIY / Pintrest Fail! LOL Some folks just think anyone can whip up a hand tied bouquet or bake a wedding cake or be the DJ. Not all are “artistic” . The second cautionary tale is “Believing” that the Venue or church will place professional details and designs for free or at far less cost to you than your professional wedding florist or designer. A fellow wedding designer that is known for her pretty rose work and traditional pew designs, had a bride call and cancel all of her church pews because the church lady told her she could do it for free. The florist arrived to set up the altar flowers and saw these “Pew Posies” with plastic wrap and cotton balls, zip ties and damaged bug eaten leaves and dying  roses down the aisle. NOT the lavish 4 inch wide satin bows and full garden roses that were promised!! I had a similar incident where a spring bride was told the venue would place all her ceremony items free of charge.  So she cancelled all her ceremony details with me. Five  minutes before the ceremony ,as guests arrived, not one rose petal or candle was in place.  And the Maid of Honor was scrambling to unpack massive boxes of  lanterns, candles, wine bottles and asking if we had any petals they could have!!! The Venue had forgotten! That bit of savings clearly was not worth it in the end. Time that should have been for used for fabulous photos of the bride and her ladies, was a stress filled pre ceremony melt down situation. So a word of gentle caution to Brides on any budget.  Trust the professional wedding designers , get it in writing, LOOK at  Photo samples of real weddings the florist and venues have designed, read reviews and communicate ideas clearly . Any promised item, Get it in writing!! Thankfully there are many wonderful designers in the wedding business, with great reputations. I invite couples in my area to come and visit me in my office and studio and see what  experience and a realistic budgets can create!!

and they wont look like these disasters!

This is so bad it hurts my eyes
This is so bad it hurts my eyes
Are you kidding me!!
Are you kidding me!!
PEE uey pew Fail
PEE uey pew Fail
Oh this is classy!

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