A New Twist on Preserving Your Bridal Bouquet

 So your Wedding day is almost  here!

You have planned for months and you know that the day will be filled with moments that will take your breath away, make you laugh and sing and dance .

This Day you will carry the most special bouquet of your life.

How can you capture the moment and preserve it?  

One way is to locate a preservation company .  This must be done at least a month in advance. It can be quite expensive, but for the Romantic at heart, the idea of your actual bouquet preserved under glass may be a must have.

BUT, what if you are a More Modern bride with an eye for clean lines and contemporary art for your home???

graphic novel style This is a contemporary graphic

of one of our Brides wedding bouquets  done in Graphic Novel styling. Once rendered and saved it can be sent to one of the many Photo on canvas services available.Its a wonderful way to have an original piece of art for your home , taken from a full color photo of your real Bridal bouquet.

Wedding Westie Spring watercolor
Having  your Flower dog ring bearer immortalized  in a painting can be a fun way to remember the day

More traditional?  Try a water color render! a soft and romantic version that will look wonderful.                                                                                                            kris and david wedding 1 watercolor                    cake 300dpi water color

Taking a section of the bouquet and enlarging it to get the details can give the feel of a realistic still life. These look amazing On Large Canvas and can be used in the dining or bedroom.

brides bokay 1 watercolor

Water color option
Water color option

Not a techy or artistic type?  No worries, Suzanne M Smith Designs is offering this transition from photo to art option for their wedding and event clients.

Feel free to ask your designer about selecting a couple fave photos to transform.  A small labor fee will be charged for their time, and you may have the option to take your finished JPEG to you favorite canvas print location or have us select one from our providers.




2 thoughts on “A New Twist on Preserving Your Bridal Bouquet

  1. The “Flower dog ring bearer” watercolor of a Westie is absolutely gorgeous. Are prints of this artwork for sale? If so, what sizes are available? Thank you.

    1. Yes I have it available! That is My Dog Hamish! It depends on if you want it signed or just a canvas copy. 14×14 runs $50. plus shipping Signed with certificate Is $125.

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