Floral Trends for 2014 – Something for everyone!

What will the 2014 Wedding and Special Event Trends be ?

Looking at the forcast from the Top Designers, Nature based designs will still be in vogue. But with a twist.

REVIVAL-Less Mason jars, and More vintage elegant pressed glass, Lace and Pearls, Think blush and muted tones with romantic textures and garden flowers. a lean toward Art Nuevo with tendrils and garlands. 20’s and 30’s inspired glam continues.

Grand Lodge with a Distinct Craftsman elegance will be seen .The forest and woods, ferns and rustic yet more fairy glen than mountain man as the natural beauty of the mix will overtake the Whimsical country feel of the past seasons. Frank Loyd Wright shapes and motifs.

Confetti- Bright colors, sharp patterns and artistic vases and shapes. Fun, festive and fabulous! Zinnias and Dahlias will be popping up as well as single focal blooms like Protea pin Cushion and art wire and glass.Think Summer Sun and Fiesta.

Aqua-Culture is the cool shimmer of water and moonlight. Cool shades of blue with white and silver. Natural blues that give a dreamy sensual impression. Spa inspired Meditations and settings with scent and warmed with frosted candlelight.

The palettes and floral combinations for 2014 are embracing distinct emotional responses.

when you are planning your wedding or events remember to look at your venue and visualize the colors and seasonal accents that speak to you.

Here are the projected Trends in Colors , focal flowers, and graphic elements Image

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